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Professional with local deliveries!

Professional with local deliveries!

Professional with local deliveries!Professional with local deliveries!Professional with local deliveries!
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Migration support / PM / BIM & CAD and Brick Cleaning

What We Do



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Calice Group Pty Ltd is an Australian mission formed by founders of TTAD and Tom Lang group for the Australian market. 

As a mission gathered by experienced professionals graduated from UK, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam, Calice Group has been found Almost 15 years ago and inspired with the passions and dreams shared by architects, engineers and project managers who wish to provide the clients the construction services aimed at sound solutions at reasonable costs and risk-fee manners, Calice Group has fast grown to be a known brand name engineering consultant in Victoria. Calice Group’s wide-range and full-scale consulting services include feasibility study, design and design review, project management, construction management, cost management, legal support and quality inspection. Calice Group and TTAD’s clients and allies have cooperated for the last 15 years to achieve high quality consulting services forming the value-for-money build-ability. 

Run by professional and experienced consultants, Calice Group has involved in series of significant and momentous projects in Hochiminh city and other provinces such as Nghe An, Can Tho, Quang Binh, Binh Duong and Ha Noi. The list of projects such as Bao Gia apartment and residential tower (25 floors and 4 basements), Avalon apartment (18-storey A-class apartment), Miss Aodai office building (18-storey B-class office building), Kimhong apartment (16-storey A-class apartment), Savico office building (5-storey B-class office building), Sunshine office building (11-storey B-class office building), Bac Luong Beo residential area (4 blocks of 15-storey apartment), Linh Dong residential area (4 blocks of 15-storey apartment), Saigon Giai Phong newspapers representative office in Hanoi (8-storey B-class office building), Saigon Kim Lien and Saigon Quang Binh 3-star hotels, A&B Vinacapital tower (29-storey A-class office building), Ree Etown 3, Etown 4 (8-storey B-class office building), Pacific Airlines building, Binary Tower (18-storey A-class office building), Sapharco GMP-WHO plant in VSIP, Thien Long factory, Havana (40-storey hotel), Gardland township, City garden (7 blocks (26-32 storey) with around 2000 apartments), A&B building (30 storey), Estella (30 floors), McDonald, VietCapital tower (2 basements), Eximbank Tower (4 basements, 40 floors), iDIP hotels (the Sen), iTOWER, Geneximco, Riveara Point apartment, VietInbank Thủ Thiêm, Sky Center, eLys garden 1+ 2 (Topaz city), Estella, Delta Galil Vietnam, eBLOCK factories, Emerald 678 Âu Cơ, Anantara resorts, Hương Biển resort, Mariott resort and Spa Cam Ranh, Sun Hills resort and Spa, Maple Tree Logistics and etc. are gradually being added. More information on TTAD’s experiences for Australia's market and capability are available at TTAD’s services are available nationwide from Hanoi, Nghe An, Nam Dinh to Hochiminh city, Dong Nai, Binh Duong, Can Tho and Kien Giang.

Since 2016, TTAD has been linked and associated as a member of a group of associated companies including Tom Lang Group (EPC, PPP, Design and Planners) and currently Calice Group Pty Ltd (BIM/CAD services, LEED and LOTUS sustainability service, immigration supports and materials trading specially for Australian market). 

From December 2019, Calice Group has successfully taken over Elite Bricks Cleaning Services for Australian market with the projects and clients are across Australian states as Victoria and New South Wells. 


Believing in gaining the clients’ Trust by the efficient Team working And Devotion, Calice Group is always focusing on its right route of growing to be a closest friend and ally in your investment and development. 


Lien Do

Managing director

Calice Group Pty Ltd

Working Together


 CALICE Group is ready to supply consulting services in project development, design services such as CAD and BIM for architects and builders which are suitable and effective for all type of building and construction services. All our activities and attentions are aimed at defining the clients' demands and goals in order to deliver appropriate services to satisfy their needs. 

The services supplied by CALICE Group are set to be in line with quality based on personal and team works. Quality assurance structure is set for all individual projects, tasks and activities and always consists of following basises:

-  To establish the quality plan defining the demands and goals of a task, a whole project, or relationship with stakeholders, then to assign suitable personnel to carry out the task. 

-  To define steps of activities, to set goals of achievement and means of evaluation, to set the schedule and criteria for these achievement. 

-  To apply the quality assurance system within the firm in all technical, managerial and administrative activities. 

Why Choose Us?


 'It is clear that the construction project is special products and the clients' large assets where many people live and work for years and generation. Any technical or architectural defects, any inappropriate investment, or any improper intervention may lead the project into a bad product, wasting invested money of the investors in particular and society in general and the bad result may last for years. CALICE Group understands that believes the application of the appropriate and suitable quality policy may help the clients to minimise risks associated with the project development and operation. 

CALICE Group managers and staff, therefore, are committed to follow and apply the quality policy anytime, anywhere and in any activity. The quality policy is supported by the training and education, updating and intervention to upgrade the current quality policy, which are all aimed at reducing and mitigating risks throughout the service delivery. CALICE Group is also committed to comprehensively cooperate with the clients and partners to share useful information and expertise in order to maintain and improve the quality of the services '. 

Building and construction services



  • Site Evaluation
  • Estimates/Cost Management
  • Time Management/Scheduling
  • Design support
  • Project design management
  • Procurement
  • BIM/CAD service
  • 3D / Film



  • Project Management
  • Project budgeting
  • Contract management
  • Progress monitoring
  • Brick cleaning
  • Due diligence 



  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)
  • Green Building
  • Energy Star Equipment
  • Certifications

Migration support service



  • Business support
  • Opportunities determination
  • Business proposal
  • VISAs 
  • Survey


Migration support

  • Right place
  • Right business
  • Right people
  • Right English 
  • Right Applications

  • NSW / VIC / SA / WA



  • Right schools
  • Right universities
  • Right houses
  • Comfortable living
  • Easy setting business 
  • Business acquisition 
  • Reliable accounting services and taxes

  • NSW / VIC / SA / WA